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Posted: 2 Dec 2021



cotiusdt long
coti is good chart, good funda, X5
Depending on the location of the Ichimoku cloud , purchases can be made

UNI 15 min

Posted: 2 Dec 2021

UNI 15 min


UNI formed an ascending parallel channel . the nearest support and resistance levels are indicated

Litecoin Setting Up for Blow-off Rally to Complete LT Cycle

Posted: 2 Dec 2021

Litecoin Setting Up for Blow-off Rally to Complete LT Cycle


Litecoin ( LTCUSD ) is exhibiting the vaunted "nested 1-2,i-ii" setup that EW traders all over the world love to see! This means that we actually have a very nice lump sum BUY opportunity, but it may be your last before the 3rd wave starts going as long as we hold near-term support at 172.86. From here onward, DCA (dollar-cost-averaging) will be strongly recommended to reduce the risk of buying too much at too high of a price-level.

If we hold support and rally, our standard targets (marked in PURPLE) for subwave (iii) can take us into the 427-517 range. After a possibly lengthy 4th wave consolidation, the subsequent subwave (v) projects into the 581-703 range.

However, the excitement spurs from the fact that our subwave-i extended far past the standard 0.382-0.618 extension targets based off the larger (i)-(ii) structure. This could be indicative of beyond-standard extensions for the remainder of our rally ('hyper-extensions')! The blue boxes for subwave (iii) and subwave (v) project out to 585 and 876, respectively. Both of these targets have confluence with major resistances at the 0.618 and 0.764 extensions of the long-term structure. As Elliott Wave patterns are often fractal , there is also the chance for a 5th wave extension that could take LTC to the 2.236 ext of the subwave (i) in the 876 region based on the fact that it did just this in the rally from March 2020 thru May 2021!

The pullback afterwards will likely coincide with a broader crypto market crash, which I expect to be especially nasty for BTC and ETH. But the gravity of those two major cryptos can easily pull altcoins down with LTC possibly dipping into the low-100s range over a period of several months or even years! For that reason, that top will likely be a great time to take profits and reallocate into other asset classes and Stablecoins or even simply enjoy your winnings and relax!

Check out my explanation on my YouTube channel, the Bullish IMPULSE - Elliott Wave Trade Analysis!

I use Elliott Wave analysis to project price levels for different assets and asset classes. EW is a form a technical analysis that is absolutely NOT based on fundamentals. Please be aware that this video is not intended to act as financial advice. I am not a trained or certified financial professional. You may invest based on a strategy tailored to your own skill and risk-tolerance levels.

#litecoin #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #blockchain

Bitcoin idea and up∂ate on Fib Circles

Posted: 2 Dec 2021

Bitcoin idea and up∂ate on Fib Circles

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD

Buy and Sell ideas for Bitcoin's last market moves of 2021.

TWT 4h

Posted: 2 Dec 2021

TWT 4h


TWT is trying to break through the $ 1.3 level. If the level is broken, the next growth target is $ 2 (1.272 fib). RSI rises into the overbought zone

Go back to the trend line and start the uptrend again

Posted: 2 Dec 2021

Go back to the trend line and start the uptrend again


Go back to the trend line and start the uptrend again;.
*This Is Not Financial Advice.

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central decentral distributed

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